We started our new lives here.
Today, we are gathered here on the spot where everything began…

Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park is situated on the former site of the Taipei City Children's Museum of Transportation.With the Taipei City Hakka Affairs Commission overseeing the project, the design for the park was finalized in October 2008 and contractors for the bulk of the construction were hired in April 2009.The groundbreaking ceremony took place on May 20th of the same year, and construction began shortly thereafter. The 4.03-hectare park features many characteristics of Hakka villages and has six major themes: culture, nature, education, technology, industry, and agriculture.

Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park is located at the intersection of Dingzhou Road and Shida Road in close proximity to Taipei Water Park and Treasure Hill Artist Village on one side and the historic Guting Village on the other. Walking down Shida Road, one passes by Longquan Market, which is frequented mainly by Hakka consumers, and a Hakka community on Taishun Street.

Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park is extremely important to the Taipei City Government, which views the park as a place where the public can experience daily life in a Hakka village and where Hakka descendants can relive happy childhood memories. A connection platform also links the park to the neighboring Riverside Park. In short, the park's promotion of Hakka culture creates interest in Hakka villages, which in turn is economically beneficial to Hakka villages around the island.