Hakka Music and Theater Center

The center is a venue for various Hakka art events and stage productions. The Hakka "eight tones" musical style was developed as the Hakka people emigrated, and is comprised of the eight tones of metal, stone, silk, bamboo, gourd, clay, leather, and wood. The style integrates aspects of various other musical genres with Hakka music to create new, unique melodies that are predominantly performed at banquets and sacrificial ceremonies.Hakka theater is characterized by a unique singing method and distinctive melodies.

There are two main categories of Hakka theater: 1) small-scale tea-picking opera, which generally has just three characters; 2) large-scale Hakka opera.


First Floor


Traditional arts classes
Rehearsal rooms

Exhibition halls

Hakka opera and living culture
Hakka art exhibitions

Second Gloor

Theater hall

Art performance events
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