Hakka Cultural Center

Located near the Xindian River community at the intersection of Dingzhou Road and Shida Road, the Hakka Cultural Center also happens to be centrally located between Taipei City and New Taipei City. A red brick building with white, layered stone walls, the structure is representative of Hakka frugality. The four-story building contains a lobby, interactive multimedia facilities, gift shop, exhibitions, Hakka language certification station, and multi-function classrooms. The center is a joint collaboration between industry, government, academia, civic groups, and art and culture troupes. With a foundation of culture, education, technology, industry, and art, there is no other Hakka center like this anywhere else.



Multi-functional classroom

DIY workshop

Parking lot

Elevators, service center, and communal space

First Floor: Dreams and Migration

Area A

Lobby: The lobby was designed with the Hakka cultural spirit in mind, and is a realization of Taipei's Hakka cultural spirit.

A-1 Hakka Spirit and the Yimin Heroes
A-2 Service counter
A-3 Tour platform
A-4 Rest Area

Area B

Migration and Wandering -- Hakka spirit vs. Hakka migration

B-1 Hakka migration in Taiwan
B-2-A 追本溯源- 「臺北客家人哪裡來」、「Cool Taipei客」、「當代臺北客」
B-2-B 雪桐迎賓-「桐花紛飛」意象代表著客家好客的精神
B-2-C 客在何方-「嗨、您住臺北哪裡呀」

Area C

Hakka Flair

C-1 Multi-functional exhibition hall
C-2 幸福印記-「囍上加喜」
C-3 Gift shop

Second Floor: Roots and Hometowns

Area E

The Hakka Perspective - The traditional cultural value and future outlook of the Hakka people are exhibited through Hakka industry, language, tradition, art, cuisine, culture, music, theater, customs, and faith.

E-1 Hakka architecture and settlements
E-2 Unique Hakka industries
E-3 Hakka village festivals
E-4 Hakka dialect
E-5 Hakka fashion
E-6 Hakka cusine
E-7 Hakka inheritance
E-8 Reading and farming passed down through generations
E-9 Hakka sounds
E-10 Hakka faith and religion
E-11 Hakka cultural and creative industry
E-12 Hakka local groups

Third Floor

Area F

As the Hakka population lacks a definitive hometown, every individual Hakka community is like its own Hakka village. As communities appear and disappear, this center is a constant place where people can gather and socialize.

F-1 The World of Hakka: The Past and the Future
F-2 A new, courageous breed of Hakka people

Service center and communal space

Multi-functional classroom

Elevators, service center, and communal space

Fourth Floor

Central Exhibition hall

Service center and communal space

Multi-functional classroom

Meeting room

Networking area